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Get Rid Of Your Faulty Programming

Your life is being run by a 5 year old. A 5 year old is essentially making your decisions for you. And you don’t even know it.

Something happened to you when you were young. You made something up about it, and now you believe it to be true. And that decision you made, is still influencing the choices you make today. That decision is still choosing for you. Essentially, the 5 year old version of you, is making choices for you today.

Let me give you an example. This example might not be you exactly, but you will be able to see what I mean. You will see how the young child version of us, still runs your life today.

You are 5 years old, and there is a problem. And you cannot fix it. Maybe your parents are fighting, maybe you broke something, maybe a game you cannot figure out right away, or something. You cannot do what needs to be done. But you are only 5. To you, the 5 year old, this makes no difference. You decide, you cannot do it. You just can’t do it.

Then it is not only that one thing, but you start making everything something you can’t do. You just cannot do it. And for the rest of your life, you constantly hear your self saying things like: I can’t do it. I am not good enough. That is not for me. I don’t want to. It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You say you cannot do it. Then, whenever you get the opportunity, you “prove” you cannot do it by failing. This is all subconscious of course. And it just becomes more and more true. You can’t do it. It is not something you made up, but truth. You know, you just can’t.

Or maybe you know, you cannot trust the opposite sex. They just can’t be trusted. This is often as a result of something when you were young. Your dad said he was going to do something. Then, because of whatever reason, he didn’t do that thing. You then made up, well, if I cannot trust my dad, how can I trust any man. And again, you were young. Maybe there was a family crisis, maybe there was something he had to attend to. You may have not had any idea what it was. Yet, his breaking his word meant, you cannot trust men. Then you live out the rest of your life proving, you cannot trust men. You unconsciously attract all the men you cannot trust into relationships. And you prove once again, you cannot trust men. Or switch the roles to women. It is the same. And this is all unconscious to you.

Most of the things that limit us in life are like this. Something we said to ourselves when we were young. And we have believed them for so long, we just think they are true. We don’t even remember, that we made them up.

The good news is, you can figure out what these things are, and get rid of them. You can eliminate them from impacting your life any more.

Telling you about how these CD’s are going to give you what you want is tricky. These CD’s are the ones that will make the biggest difference for you. Yet, they are the hardest to explain how they will make that difference.

Cable TV. Almost everyone wants satellite, or cable TV, or something like that for there home today. But 20 years ago, people didn’t even know they wanted it. Because they didn’t know it existed. But if you had known then what you know now. You would have wanted cable back then. (If you have it now) That is what these CD’s are like. You want what they have to offer, now I just have to explain to you, why that is so. In 5 years, these CD’s will just be something that many people want. Because they now know what they are, and what they can do.

The other tricky thing about these CD’s is how they work. The “why” behind why they work is hard for people to believe and accept. Because it goes so much against the current thought. It goes against how you think. It goes against what you believe to be true. And for people to see something outside of the box of what they believe, is one of the hardest things for most people. Especially if they don’t want to look outside of their belief box. The key is being open. I am not asking you to believe what I have to say. I am asking you to try it. To do it. And then see for yourself if it works or not. See, I am not so much about right or wrong, but what works. How is something working for you. If it is not working for you, then lets change it to something that works.

I am not talking about moral or ethical issues. I am talking about the things in life that you “know” are true, but you wish were not. The decisions we made as children that our running our lives today form these truths. And these “truths” that we think are true, are often the very ones you want to change. Are often the very ones you wish you could get rid of. Well, you can.

Most of those things that you believe to be true in life, that you wish were not true, you can get rid of. Because they are only true if you believe them. The mind is a powerful thing. And your mind actually partly creates your reality. Your mind will do what it needs to do to make your “truths” so. And when you change these “truths” in your minds eye, you mind will work to create this new reality for you. This new reality of what you want. Not what the little kid in you decided.

  • Do you find yourself doing things, and you have no idea why you do them, in fact, sometimes, you know you do not want to do them, yet, you still do

  • Do you know consciously things not to be true, but yet, that makes no difference cause they still run your life

  • Does your past still affect your current choices, even though you know it shouldn’t be that way

  • Do you know you are your own worst enemy, yet, you cannot seem to do anything about it

If one or all of these describe you, you are being run by your past decisions. Sometimes called limiting decisions. Because they limit your choices and what is possible now. They limit your options in life, right now.

Through these CD’s, you will simply “go back” and eliminate the decision you made. And when you eliminate the decision, your mind begins working to bring a new reality to you. The world today, now, is different, because of the limiting decision that is now gone.

It is almost like the movies. When you go back in the past and change something. Then the future, or the present, the now they came from is different. It is almost like this. Except the choices you make and your future are what become what you want.

You were on one path. It was almost inevitable where you were going, and what was going to happen, and what choices you were going to make. Then, after that limiting decision from the past is gone, your path is totally different. The way your life is probably going to go is drastically different. Because of that decision in the past that was limiting your choices now.

Let me give you an example. Let us say you decided you could not do it when you were little. Then your mind went to work, bringing things to you that you could not do. To prove that you could not do them. Like it seems there is something you cannot do. You try everything, and you just cannot figure it out. Then you watch someone else do it. And they try something you never tried, and it works. You are like, how did I not see that? How did I not think of that? That is because your mind is working to prove you cannot do things. You subconscious mind is fulfilling your decision that you cannot do it.

The how to do it is always available. Right there in front of you as a possibility. And you don’t see it. Because of the choice that you cannot do it from when you were little.

Now when you use these CD’s and eliminate that decision from the past. You mind will begin seeing those things you couldn’t believe you didn’t see. Your mind will begin thinking of those things you cannot believe you didn’t think of. Your mind will begin attracting things to you that you can do. And this is how you will get a new reality. Your new reality will be of things you can do, and will do. Your future will be a new future. A new path you are on. A path and results in life you want, right now.

Here is a list of common limiting decisions and some of what they can cause in people’s lives, in your life:

  • I can’t do it – getting passed over for promotions, not trying new things, cause you know you will fail, needing other people to help a lot, etc.

  • I am not good enough – feeling you don’t deserve things, passing opportunities up because you don’t think you deserve them, settling for the relationship you don’t want, because it is all you think you can get, etc.

  • I’m not smart enough – Basically all the silly things that people do with out thinking first.

  • I don’t have enough money – not having as much money as you want

  • Can’t trust Men/Women – relationships you don’t want, relationships where you get lied to and cheated on, relationships that are bad for you

  • Life is tough/hard – when you wash your car, it rains, when you finally get something, it is no longer in fashion, when you do one thing, the other will happen, you always have to work hard and struggle for what you have, life seems like a struggle.

  • I don’t ever get what I want – not having the things you want in life

  • I don’t deserve it – not being able to keep things you want in life

There is no inherently bad decision. There are only possible decisions. Some work for you, some don’t. These CD’s are going to allow you to change the ones that don’t work for you. To something that does work for you. And you get to decide what that is. You get to decide which decisions don’t work for you, and which ones do. And you get to decide what you want to change them to. It is all up to you. It is not what I think is best, or what I tell you to do. Although, don’t worry, I will give you suggestions of possible things you could do.

Imagine not being stopped by that little voice in your head saying, you can’t do it. Imagine being in relationships you want that serve you. Imagine getting what you want out of life, because you are no longer getting in the way.

This is totally possible, with minimal effort. It usually only takes a couple hours, and you almost always only have to do it once. When you do this on other decisions in your life, it usually takes less than an hour. As the basic stuff you will have already done. And it really is that simple.
You listen to the CD’s on any CD player, follow along in the workbook, and do the exercises. It is that simple. The exercises are so simple, even kids as young as 5 and 6 years old can do them. You just have to do them.

There is only one problem with these CD’s. You have to do the CD’s to get rid of the past limiting decisions. This is usually not a problem for most people. Most people will listen to the first couple CD’s of something they buy, before they lose interest. Well, there are only a couple CD’s to listen to. If you find you cannot follow through, then you should consider the Being Naturally Inspired in any area of your life CD’s. They will help you be exactly that. Naturally inspired in life to be what you want, and do what you want.

Now, some of you might be thinking, yeah right, prove it, or show me some testimonials. In response to that I simply have one thing. My Guarantee. If for any reason, these CD’s do not do exactly what I promise, I will not only give you your money back, I will also refund you for shipping costs, both ways. And this guarantee is good for one full year. You have one full year to test out the results of the couple hours you put in at the beginning. And if you don’t think the results are as simple and lasting as I am telling you they are, simply send the CD’s back for all of the money you paid for them. It is that simple.

I have a question. How much would this be worth to you. How much would it be worth to be in the right relationship? To make better choices. Better choices around your family, work and life? See, you can use these CD’s in many areas of your life that do not work so well. Because there are usually limiting decisions that are contributing to most difficulties in your life.

These CD’s can give you more of what you want.

To Order, Click Here or Call 1-800-615-7606

Order All 3 CD Sets Now Save $260
Plus Receive the Free Bonus Addition to the Manual to
Chang Your Choices

I have created and put together 3 different sets of CD's. They will help you create the changes you want, by working with your conscious and subconscious mind to eliminate any barriers that stand in the way of you expressing the perfect self you are.

Knowing what do do often makes no difference. Do you know how to lose weight? Do you know how to be healthy? Do you always do what you know how to do? NOPE. Because usually, it is more than just knowing.

These CD sets help shift who you are being. They go to the core of why you make the choices you make. And then with this new way of being, this new core of who you are, you make the choices you have always wanted to make.
Step 1 - Decide how many of the Following CD sets you want

You can choose any and all of the following CD's:

Step 2 - Design your life and Order the CD's
  • What do you want your life to look like? What is your target? Your Goal? With out knowing your target or goal, your chances of getting it are greatly reduced

  • Click here to Order all your CD's or Call 1-800-615-7606
Step 3 - Test and validate you are getting exactly what you want

Be aware of Changes.

You are looking for more than how you feel. If you focus on how you feel, you will miss a lot of what is happening. What changes are taking place.

Changes might be any or all of the following:

  • Sleeping more soundly and better
  • More Energy to do the things you want
  • Clarity of thought all the time
  • Improved relationships with people in your life
  • Happier
  • Greater sense of well being
  • Feeling better
  • Symptoms and Diseases going away
  • Greater Strength
  • Less Needy and Clingy
  • More motivated
  • More time in the day (seems like)
  • Feeling Calm and relaxed
  • Being more in touch with Your Self/Creator

    Really, the changes are limitless. When you do all the things these CD's do, the results become almost limitless. If you are looking for Changes.

    So look for changes in your life. Things that are different than they normally would be. And you will find great changes from how these CD's are working.

    And they will continue to work and produce changes in your life. Since you are changing the very things that govern your life, the changes will continue to positively impact your life well into the future.

    So enjoy, and have fun with the great positive changes that happen.

About the CD's

Get Rid of Your Emotional Baggage and Be Happy  

The natural state of being human is happy, filled with the experience of love. One of the main reasons why you do not experience this is all of your stored past emotional experiences. Any past emotion you have not dealt with tends to get in the way of love and happiness. Stored emotions get in the way of you being happy and experiencing love.

Emotional events in the past that you didn’t deal with, don’t just go away. They get stored in your body. And it is this build up of emotional baggage that causes people to be overly emotional. And when you get rid of these past emotional events, the over reactions go away. And you can easily release these emotions from past events in your life.

This leaves you emotionally stable. Not needing anyone or anything to help you feel happy and satisfied. Emotionally Poised. Not to mention, you being happy and full of Love

To Order, Click Here or Call 1-800-615-7606

For more information, in depth, detailed information, click here

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Change Your Driving Forces And Get What You Want -

Be any way you want to be, almost effortlessly.

You have different driving forces that dictate the choices you make in life. When you change these driving forces, the choices you make in life, automatically change. And you can change these driving forces, with very little effort and time.

A great example is the person who works all the time. Non-stop. They are almost “driven” to work. And they have to try, and put effort into not working. They have specific driving forces that “cause” them to be this way. These driving forces are almost always unconscious for people. That is why it seems so hard to change.

With these CD’s, you can install driving forces to have you be driven like the person in the example, except to do anything you want.

  • Be someone who works like this. 
  • Be healthy and well, naturally driven. 
  • Be driven to raise a great family. 
  • Be driven to eat healthy food. 
  • Be driven to do . . . Anything. 
  • Be Driven to Be . . . Anyone

You can literally make anything to be your natural driving force behind you doing and being what you want. And you can create multiple driving forces like this.

You will do all the things that are necessary for you to be the way you want. For you to get what you want. The big difference is it will happen almost naturally, and with very little effort. Because the “driving force” driving you is now towards what you want. Being who you want to be.

You will still be doing things to have you be that way. You will still be doing things to get what you want. The difference is it will be effortless. Just like the person who works all the time. They are doing stuff, but they do not have to muster up energy or motivation to go work. They just do. It is a natural expression for them. In fact, they have to try hard Not to work. You will be doing things, but it will happen naturally.

To Order, Click Here or Call 1-800-615-7606

For more information, in depth, detailed information, click here

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Free Bonus Section of the Manual

Be Decisive Making Better Choices
Knowing They Are The Right Choice

  • Seem to make wrong decisions when it comes to love and romance?
  • Do you buy things compulsively?  And usually end up returning things later, or wishing you could return them?
  • Do you wish you were more motivated more often
  • Do you want to be more decisive when making choices.
  • Do you want to make all your choices easily and effortless.  And have peace of mind knowing you made the right choice in Every situation?
  • Do you want to make choices that will move you in the direction you want to go?

All these things and more can easily be accomplished. There is a subconscious process you go through before you do anything. This process can be changed. And when you change this subconscious processes, all of the above can happen.

This bonus section of the manual will bring you step-by-step to easily change these processes. Easy enough that an 8 year old can do it.

Leaving you easily making choices, choices that are right, peace of mind with those choices, and choices that get you what you want.

To Order, Click Here or Call 1-800-615-7606

For more information, in depth, detailed information, click here

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I was really surprised by your great offerings Jamie. I have already received Great value from being on your list. Thank you!! I have added your site to my client resource list so many more people get to hear of you. I will integrate your work over time -- like simplify and do what's important...Bazuji!! I thank you again for the wonderful YOU.
All blessings - Pen Wooller -- jampa (at)
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